Doris Day

Dermatologist & Journalist
4.30pm - 5:15 pm

Skin & Digital Summit DEC 11th

Digital health and the 21st Century Consumer/Patient

  1. How life sciences can raise the bar as an eco-system partner, enabling new pathways of care?
  2. Trying to put the “Good” back with “Night”: Measuring Night-time Scratch and Sleep in Atopic Dermatitis
  3. The challenges of social media for the aesthetic practitioner

Q&A with the audience

4.48pm to 5.08pm

Skin & Digital Summit </br>A<span style="text-transform: lowercase;">nnual </span>s<span style="text-transform: lowercase;">ummit online</span> Dec. 10th

Misinformation in dermatology, skincare & aesthetics

  • Round table discussion with Anjali Matho, Doris Day and Jules Lipoff

Q&A with the audience - moderation by Jules Lipoff