Monisha Madhumita

5.08pm to 5.20pm

Skin & Digital Summit </br>A<span style="text-transform: lowercase;">nnual </span>s<span style="text-transform: lowercase;">ummit online</span> Dec. 10th

Startups corner

  • Dermanalytica: data-driven patient-centric chronic dermatoses monitoring
  • NØIE: Providing better skincare solutions through machine learning and user feedback

Q&A with the audience - moderation by Dominique du Crest

16:45 - 16:55

Skin & Digital Summit 9<sup>st</sup> December

The future of skin care : AI and beyond

  • Dermanalytica: Digital technologies for access to dermatology care – improving skin NTDs in tribal & rural areas
  • Aysa: A machine learning consumer skin education App
  • Moderation by Dominique du Crest