Alexander Zink

3pm - 4pm

Skin & Digital Summit DEC 11th

Tech and the Dermatologist's point of view

  1. Digital Dermatology: Sensors and the Future
  2. This algorithm doesn't replace doctors – It makes them better
  3. Towards augmented intelligence in dermatology
  4. AI in skin cancer: from education to diagnostics

Q&A with the audience

10:05 - 10:21 EST

Skin & Digital Summit</br>H<span style="text-transform: lowercase;">osted by</span> AID June 24th

Is the smart bathroom the future focus for dermatology and skincare?

15:35 – 16:05

Skin & Digital Summit 9<sup>st</sup> December

Large Language Models (ChatGPT, Bard, LLaMA, …) in Dermatology

  • Will LLMs lead to the demise of medical specialty including Dermatology
  • Unraveling misinformation: Leveraging LLMs to transform Healthcare and Dermatology

Q&A with the audience – moderation by Alexander Zink, MD. MPH